How Christianity Evolved Over the Course of History

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How Christianity Evolved Over the Course of History

How Christianity Evolved over time and the beliefs that many follow.  There are 2 billion adherents of Christianity over the world, which makes it the most popular religion. There are 43 million people that are nominally Christian and other 6 million are actively practicing. Some of the common facts that are still the same in Christianity are.

  • Christians have the belief that Jesus was promised in Old Testament by Messiah
  • Jesus Christ is the Son of God is the common belief in Christianity
  • They believe that Jesus was sent into the world to save humanity from the sins that are being conducted in the world
  • The most important belief in Christianity is that Jesus gave his life and was resurrected on the third day.
  • In Christianity, it is believed that there is One God with three different elements. These elements are Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  • Church is the holy place for the Christians where they worship
  • There are old and new testaments in the holy book of Christians called Bible.
  • Easter and Christmas are the holy days of Christians and they have some important milestones.

These are some of the concepts that everyone knows about Christianity. However, over the past few decades, the religion has evolved. Here we have a few things you should know about.

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God, Jesus, and Saints

As it is already clear that Christians believes in one God with three different elements. The God who taught them everything is called Father. Jesus is the elements who is considered the Son and the one who is the protector of the humanity. He has been saving the humans from sins and death.

Since the very beginning Jesus has been known as the Son and over the past few years, people have been following his teachings. They have been summarized to assure that people can easily understand them. The main theme of the teachings is love for God and Humanity.

People believe that Jesus came in this planet to fulfill the laws of God. He was never here to teach them. In Christianity, people believe in justification by faith. The main pillars of their faith are

  • Believe in Jesus
  • Faith in his death and resurrection
  • To have a positive relationship with God
  • God forgives

People often confuse the trinity of Christians by believing that they have three separate Gods and it is not true. In the modern Christianity, there is a new concept that God came on this earth in the human form that they call Jesus. They think that it is only the Holy Spirit that is looking after them and their believers can see it clearly in their actions.

Life after death

In Christianity, it is believed that there will be life after death on earth. They do not understand the real nature of this new life that they will get after death. They believe that the eternal life by be experienced in many different forms if someone knows how to deal with the spiritual experiences.

The saints

After God and Jesus, the most important figure in Christianity is saints. These are the people that did some good deeds on this planet and after death, they are associated with the miracles that happened because of them. Roman referred the common title of the Saint so that general public will get the idea.

Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches declare the saint through the process of Canonization. In the old beliefs, people said that the saints created in this way have a connection with God and some of the modern Christians still have the same belief. However, there are some Protestants that do not believe this fact.

If we take the reference from Bible, the word saint has been used for the individuals that are strong and committed believers. Even in the new testaments, same words have been used.

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One of the most important times for the Christians is the Lent. During the holy week of Easter Christians celebrate the death and resurrection of the Holy Christ. It is an important part of the Christianity faith. They pay special attention towards the teachings of Bible and all their holy days start with the worship and the saints will recite some important verses from the Bible to show the people their importance.

There has been a revolutionary change done in the Bible. There was a time when there were different types of Bible and it was hard to find out that which one of them had the authentic knowledge. A committee of saints started to collect the Bibles from around the globe.

They worked to convert the different languages into simple English. In this way, they were able to create one Bible from all the information that they were able to collect from different sources.

The cross

The history of the cross goes back a long way. It is the symbol on which Jesus died and that is why it is known as the holy symbol. Christians have a belief that evil will not come near the individuals that have the cross.

The true believers of Christianity always have the cross with them. They either wear it around their neck or it is always in their pocket. It is considered the strength. Commonly to fights the evil spirits, saints often use the help of the cross. In every church, you will see a cross and it is often decorated with beautiful embellishments.

Christianity Today

In the present age, Christianity is rapidly developing. Due to the strong belief and the miracles that have happened in the past most of the people are ready to accept this religion. There have been many modifications made to assure that it will get easier for the individuals to follow the religions.

There are a few Protestants that are against some of the rules and modifications that have been introduced in the religion. They believe that Christianity should stay in its original form without any changes. This is the reason that moderns Christians are divided into two categories. The one who is still on the old testaments and the others that follow the new ones.

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